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Stages of Repair
Below are the stages of repair and/or servicing as generally carried out on all watch brands. Rolex and Breitling watches always have their case and bracelets cleaned as part of the overall servicing of the watch. On some other models the case and bracelet will be stripped down and ultrasonically cleaned.

Stage 1:
Movement Removed, Case Stripped Ready for Refurbishment or Ultrasonic Cleaning.
Stage 2:
Dial and hands removed and placed in container. Movement stripped down, parts checked for wear, parts put into cleaning basket.

Stage 3:
Case and Bracelet polished and satinised where necessary.

Assemble case with new gaskets. Movement parts ready for assembly.
Stage 4:
Movement timed to manufacturers specifications.
Stage 5:
Put dial and hands on and case up. Re-check timing.
Stage 6:
Water Resistant Check
Stage 7:
Auto test. Machine Testing the watch for positional timing errors and for checking on the efficiency of the Automatic work


Time  Palace Jewelers proud to announce that we are in no way affiliated with Rolex. We are equally proud of the fact that we are not an "authorized" Rolex repair facility. We are proud to maintain our independent status as jewelers and watchmakers free to service all makes of watches including Rolex.  Rolex is a trademark of Rolex USA.


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